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Lawns--Lawns-- Lawns



Lawn Mower


    Lawn Mowing

  • Mow weekly or bi-weekly, weed whack and then clean up

  • Cost- $60- $95 a lawn -  based on gas, size, travel, terrain etc.

   Lawn maintenance​- from spot seeding to large       areas- Cost- labor $30/h/worker

  • Evaluate lawn- Check pH and add supplements to get the lawn up and flourishing

  • Dethatch lawn and aerate

  • Bring in compost material for spot seeding areas and to do a total reseed.

  • Over seed with Quality Northeast Kentucky Blue grass seed

  • Set up a sprinkler system to aid with the success of your new green lawn.

 Clean-ups- $30/h/worker

 Perennial Gardens  

Flowers- Flowers- Flowers

Cost- Based on below

  •  $30/h/worker

  • Materials- flowers, equipment, soil, weed out, mulch, stands etc.

  • Self Watering lay out..

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